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7 Employee Engagement Ideas That Do Not Cost Much

Most job seekers in general cite remuneration as a key factor in joining organisations. However, the key reason for leaving the organisation is usually not salary matters. This should not surprise anyone. Ultimately there is more than just salaries that will retain an...

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This Is How You Fail At Recruitment & Selection

If you take out the most recent job ad you can find in the newspapers and compare it with another from ten years back; you will notice one glaring thing. It looks the same. That's right people. Over the past decade, we have witnessed the migration from desktop to...

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National Day Rally 2016 – breaking it down for SMEs

I think if there is one thing business owners need to take away from this year’s national day rally, it is to take care of your health. Yes, business is important. You can’t hire quickly enough. There are too many fires to fight. But just like why you should put on...

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