Helping Asian SMEs succeed

Attracting and Retaining the best talent for business sustainability and growth

Developing People Capability for doing the job well

Engaging Employees for performance excellence and retention

Restructuring Human Capital Processes for greater efficiency and productivity

Our Story

The Resource Group comprises of a team of passionate corporate specialists that possess extensive experience in human capital development targeted at business growth acceleration. Our goal is to equip small and medium enterprises with the necessary knowledge and expertise of multinational’s human capital processes to grow into the regional and global stages. This is made possible by leveraging on SPRING CDG HCD grant and MOM Work-Life grant. Our consultants are Practising Management Consultant (PMC) certified and approved Work-Life consultants.

Our Methodology



To design the most effective solutions for your organization, we will need to learn more about your culture, people, structures, leadership philosophies, working styles, and other relevant information.


Analysis & Findings

Following the research phase, our team will analyze the information collected and refine our key observations and findings.

We will then conduct an executive briefing with a presentation and reports.


A best-fit solution would be tailored in accordance to organisations’ unique operations and requirements.



We will partner organisations to implement the solution and address the initial pain point.

The Team

William Chew

William Chew

Principal Consultant

Hua Pak Cheong

Hua Pak Cheong

Senior Consultant

  • Practising Management Consultant
  • Approved Work-Life Consultant
Eric Tan

Eric Tan

Account Director

  • Singapore Certified Management Consultants
Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan