Hiring For Performance Masterclass

The Agility-Focused Interviewing Approach™ to Hiring the Right Candidate Every Time!
Hiring the wrong employee could cost the organisation time, productivity loss and opportunity costs.
The amount of time, resources, and money expended mitigating the fallout and negative impact of a bad hire could have been invested in other areas of the business to generate much-needed returns and profits. This workshop is precisely designed for the Hiring manager, HR professionals, Talent Managers,  and recruiters who are determined to weed out bad hires through effective hiring.

What You Will Learn

Who Should Attend?

All Managers and Leaders involved in interviewing, hiring and candidate selections; HR Professionals; Talent Acquisition Managers; In-house.

Programme Outline

  1. Importance of Hiring the Right People
  2. The Agility-focused Interviewing Approach™
    1. The 6 Categories of Interview Questions
    2. How to craft highly effective interview questions based on job competencies
    3. Types of questions to be avoided
    4. How to formulate powerful and effective follow-up questions in real-time
    5. Why Hypothetical Questions are useless
    6. Panel Interviewing
  3. How to tell if a candidate is truthful
    1. How to encourage candidates to be truthful
    2. Detecting Lies and Deception in Candidates
  4. Role-plays

Each Participants Will Receive…

A complimentary copy of The Right Talent book by Steven Lock.

Satisfied Customers

“Very pleased with the course by Steven. Interactive and to the point. Would recommend engaging same instructor for other relevant courses.” Candice Ng, General Manager, EOS

“The trainer conducted the course very effectively. Straight to the point and content were professional and very useful.” Jovy Chay, Manager, MEO

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