HR Consultancy via Enterprise Singapore Enterprise Development Grant

Having challenges in growing your business because of human resources issues? One of the greatest challenges for any business to scale is because SME owners failed to recognize that their most valuable asset is their people. Talent acquisition, retention and management are areas that often overlooked by business owners, and pose some of the greatest hurdles for any businesses that is trying to scale and grow.

are you currently:


Overwhelmed by MOM’s constant changes in employment regulations?


Unable to attract new talents at the right remuneration?


Unable to cope with manpower planning with outdated HR processes?


Hoping to establish a competitive edge over the competitions?


Experiencing high staff turnover?


In growth mode and require a new framework to manage 3x more headcounts?

your HR consultancy antidote

Employees are a vital component of your business. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the job are critical. Develop a strong human capital foundation by strengthening your leadership, adopting effective HR practices as well as attracting and retaining the right talent.  

Your core business is your key focus, any ancillary support is just that, to help make your core business function better and faster. Just like any business operators, you don’t have the time to craft out a new employee handbook or the bandwidth to review the 50 different job descriptions within your business.

HR consultancy services is specially created to bridge that crucial gap, to put in the new pieces of the puzzle that is necessary for your emerging business. This ensures the optimal utilization of your most expensive resources so as to ensure the best possible business results.

Is HR Consultancy for you?

The short answer is yes. A company that operated well with 3 people can’t function as efficiently with 30 people.

Otherwise, you will get overlapping job scope, conflicting functions and clueless employees. All these leading to faster attrition that will shave a few successful years off your business.

With Enterprise Development Grant funding, all qualified HR consultancy projects will get cost defrayment of up to 70 per cent. And most significantly is the kind of gains made when the optimal HR processes are implemented.

Plus we will take care of the paperwork given our experience in advising companies in their grant application. You will be able to navigate your grant applications efficiently without any hassles.

The consultancy project resulted in a robust performance management system for our company to use and knowledge transfer by explaining how things were done so that we now have the expertise to continue to upgrade performance appraisal system in line with change in our company’s needs.

Yeo Kwang Han

Managing Director, Meng Chong Foodstuffs

Why Partner The Resource Group (TRG)?

With over 60 collectively years in HR consultancy, our in-house consultants have help both leading MNCs and large SMEs to scale their businesses and present best of breed HR solutions.


Senior leadership in Human Capital Development for any size organisation


Proven frameworks that would help scale your business in ALL human capital development areas

For qualifying local SMEs, we can help to secure up to 70% Government funding

frequently asked questions

Is my Company eligible for EDG?

Your Company is eligible for EDG if it meets the following criterias:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Have a GROUP annual sales of not more than $100m OR group employment size of not more than 200 employees

How must does a HR consultancy project costs?

It could range from S$40,000 to S$150,000. Up to 70% of approved cost could be reimbursed under Enterprise Singapore CDG.

Is your company approved by Enterprise Singapore?

There is no preapproval by Enterprise Singapore. However one of Enterprise Singapore’s criteria is that the consultant must be a Certified Management Consultant, which we fulfill.

How long does a HR consultancy project takes?

It could range from 4 months to 9 months

My HR is very overloaded. How can we cope with a big HR project?

Although the project takes months, on-site time that require inputs from your team are kept to a minimum and well-optimized to ensure little disruption to your daily operations.

How does Enterprise Singapore provide the financial assistance to my Company?

It will on a reimbursement basis, meaning Company will have to spend and incurred the qualifying cost before submitting the claims to Enterprise Singapore for the 70% financial assistance.

I’m interested. What should I do next?

Send in your interest below and we will reach out in 24 hours time to arrange for a free consultation.

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