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HR Tech Consulting

In the era where one can buy anything, you still can’t buy good employees. And they don’t come straight out from the package.

It involves meticulous sourcing, intensive recruitment/screening and whole lot of maintenance and training once they are on-board.

Such high touch process is time consuming and could amount to an enormous HR team to manage properly.

That is where HR Technology come into play.

What is HR Technology?

HR technology (human resources technology) is an umbrella term for software and associated hardware for automating the human resources function in organizations. It includes employee payroll and compensation, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration.

Benefits of HR Technology

The key advantage is to enable HR department to function more effectively and efficiently. Here are some examples:

  • Gamification apps: Gamified skills tests and psychometric assessments can enhance candidate engagement and improve hiring outcomes.
  • Automated recruitment and hiring processes: Automating reference checking and other hiring workflows streamlines HR tasks while at the same time ensuring candidate quality, minimizing risks and reducing costs.
  • Talent analytics: Talent analytics generate insights both at the macro and micro levels. Companies can use these insights to optimize everything from recruitment and engagement efforts to supplier strategies and talent performance.
  • Enhanced recruitment apps: Apps that offer enhanced recruitment features such as employee referral capabilities, online events, networking and talent communities build engagement, improve candidate quality, build talent pools and enhance the employer brand.
  • Chatbots: Virtual assistants based on chatbots can help hiring managers navigate platforms, find information and put teams together. They can also be used as guides during the recruitment process to improve the candidate experience.

Interested in HR Technology Consulting?

Our HR Tech Consultants can help you gain clarity and zoom in to the most appropriate solutions out in the market that could fit your unique requirements. This would be a catalyst to the realisation of the goal of strategic HR which would support companies’ ambitious growth plans.