Gnowbe: Mobile Micro-Learning for the modern workforce

Unique learning experience for your organization

Before Gnowbe

  • How can I enable my employees to be more productive with the time they have?
  • How can I enable just-in-time access to relevant content?
  • How can I ensure that training translates into performance improvement and behavior change?
  • How can I encourage employees to keep learning and keep them engaged?
  • How can I know whether my employees have actually completed training and what actions they have taken?

Why Gnowbe?

  • Bite-sized content that is easy to absorb and is drip-fed over longer time intervals for knowledge retention.
  • Mobile-first design that allows delivery of content and learning on the go – anytime, anywhere.
  • A multi-modal, experiential learning journey including text, videos, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Learn, Think, Apply, Share – a unique approach that engages learners and drives learning transfer.
  • Real-time tracking of completion rates, engagement and confidence levels that present insights into readiness of the user.
  • Simple and agile authoring platform that lets you create new content in minutes and publish it immediately.

How Does It Work?

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