JobKred: AI-Powered Skills Profiling & Talent Management

Decodes the inter-dependent relationships among industries, careers, jobs and skills and presents them in a self-help digital platform.

Before JobKred

Companies are facing challenges in transforming their business and workforce for the future. Typical difficulties faced:

  • Unsure of what skills and capabilities the company needs to develop for the future
  • Difficulty in developing and regularly maintaining a company competency framework
  • Lack awareness of the skills and capabilities of their organisation
  • Unable to track and measure the progress of employees in developing their skills and career
  • Difficult to identify succession candidates or internal candidates for job roles
  • Hard to get employees self-motivated and engaged in learning and career development

Why JobKred?

Their solution uses AI to help companies implement talent management effectively across the organization.

  • Instantly access global labour market information to benchmark their competency frameworks against others in the industry
  • Use global and employee data to develop and easily update competency profiles for all roles in the company
  • Easily identify and maintain the Skills DNA of the company, down to each individual employee
  • Receive management reports and metrics on the skills readiness and capabilities progression of the organisation
  • Instantly find best-fit internal or succession candidates, based on their job fit to the competency requirements
  • Employees are empowered to self-manage their career and learning with clear career progression plans in an online platform

How Does It Work?

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