StaffOnDemand: Hire Smarter, Better & Faster Today!

Reach out to more jobseekers, manage your recruitment processes & much more on a single platform. Hassle-free recruitment, just the way it should be.

Before StaffOnDemand

Employers typically want to take control of their employer branding and establish a web presence for jobseekers to know of available job opportunities but have no idea how to go about doing so. At the same time, the absence of a centralised system to manage recruitment means that they are primarily relying on email as a medium to receive, process, share candidate information with relevant stakeholders. Managing candidate applications and information via email is often messy, and the team have no ability to ensure that the access to the candidates’ information is kept to the intended recipients.

Why StaffOnDemand?

StaffOnDemand provides employers with the ability to manage their recruitment workflows seamlessly. It is built for lean HR teams, and its intuitively simple user interface makes it easy for the HR team to get started on managing their recruitment workflows from the get-go.

How Much?

Under the SME and Enterprise Plan, local companies that fulfil the criteria under the Enterprise SG’s HR Tech Pilot grant are able to enjoy 50% off the first year’s subscription for the 5 and 15 licences plan.

Some Of Their Happy Clients.