TalentTribe: What makes your company a uniquely great place to work?

Share stories of your people, culture and work life to build your employer brand and attract the right talent.

Before TalentTribe

  • Unable to stand out from the crowd of employers
  • Difficult to hire for the right culture fit
  • Low awareness among jobseekers, especially for B2B companies or SMEs
  • Jobseekers have common misconceptions about the company, which deter them from applying or result in misaligned expectations
  • Lack of presence or networks among Millennial talents (including early-career professionals such as people leaving their first or second job, fresh graduates, university students, poly students)

Why TalentTribe?

  • Helps companies stand out from the crowd of employers in job portals
  • Attract Millennial talents in a more engaging way, using candid copywriting, visual photos and videos
  • Goes beyond a job description to bring your company culture to life. Ensures candidates know what to expect, so that you hire for a better fit
  • Reach out to Millennial jobseekers that may otherwise not have considered you as an employer

How Does It Work?

Some Of Their Happy Clients.