Do you run your business online? and still haven’t integrated a blog? If that’s the case, then you certainly need to consider starting one unless you enjoy the monopoly in your space.

The 2017 business report of Inbound said that 63% of the marketers globally face challenges in generating traffic and improving the footfalls.

With numerous other marketing strategies in place, what’s imperative is, to be able to identify the right strategy that works for your business.

Adding a blog to your business site is one. Not that it would add to your traffic and sales overnight but sure would be able to generate some good business in the long run.

You can start your blog using WordPress which is by far the simplest of platforms available today.

Once it is up, take care of these two things and I am confident you would measure up to an encouraging show by year end.

First, you seamlessly need to focus on the content and second, you have to make sure that it is ever-updated with latest trends in your business.

This infographic below would help you to understand why and how to start a blog for your business. It’s a step by step easy guide, focusing on all the aspects of blog creation

business blog infographics