One of the major challenge for businesses today, is manpower – Scores of SME business owners have lamented that good talents are hard to come by, and on the other side of the coin, there are many well-qualified jobseekers that are not able to find gainful employment despite their best efforts.

This frustrating phenomenon of job mismatch is growing in part due to the changing needs of the economy as businesses turn to technology and overhaul the operations in their digital transformation blueprint.

It is pertinent for SMEs to look towards ways to adapt to this quantum shift, as businesses that are able to digitally transform their businesses will emerge as winners in the new economy.

Talent acquisition process has also undergone a digital revolution as well.

In recent years, the proliferation of use of professional social network like LinkedIn, job aggregators, online job portals and online communities have taken on at an unimaginable pace.

In fact, finding choice employment via the papers classified section today would seem like a quaint tradition of yore.

For an SME business owner looking to hire good talents, this trend is both a boon and a bane ; While it is now easier to reach large groups of talents and raise awareness about your job opportunity, it is also correspondingly more difficult to manage the volume of applications that stream in from the different job sources.

In addition, jobseekers are now more aware of job opportunities across employers regardless of geographical boundaries, and employers need to brand themselves as a choice employer to cut above the noise and stand out to warrant job candidates’ attention.

In view of this pressing challenge, the Minister of Manpower, Ms Josephine Teo, has recently announced a new HR Tech grant as part of the nation’s push towards enterprise development.

The grant, aimed at helping SMEs to adopt innovative HR technologies, has identified 4 areas of HR technology solutions for SMEs, covering :

  1. Employee Engagement
  2. Compensation and Benefits
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Recruitment and Selection.

StaffOnDemand, a recruitment management solution, has been appointed as the recruitment & selection vendor under this HR Tech Grant.

Under this new grant scheme, SMEs can utilise StaffOnDemand’s recruitment management system to streamline their talent acquisition workflows, and receive funding support of up to 50% of qualifying costs, capped at 12 months.

The new grant scheme comes at an opportune time as SMEs look to implement solutions to digitise their operational HR activities. Recruitment and selection has been identified as a key area of which SMEs can reap substantial cost and time savings through the adoption of the right technology solution.

Through the HR Tech grant scheme, SMEs can utilize StaffOnDemand to kickstart their HR digitisation process with the grant support.


How can SMEs sign up?

To sign up for StaffOnDemand recruitment management system under the HR Technology grant, please visit our dedicated signup link here.


About StaffOnDemand

StaffOnDemand is a cloud-based HR technology solution provider that disrupts and transform the way SMEs manage recruitment. We empower direct employers to recruit & manage staff smarter, faster and better, while giving them full control and overview of the entire recruitment process.

Through the use of StaffOnDemand, direct employers are able to reduce the hiring cycle time by as much as 50%, reaping significant cost and time savings while streamlining their talent acquisition workflows.


About Enterprise Singapore

International Enterprise Singapore and SPRING came together on 1 April 2018 as a single agency to form Enterprise Singapore.

Enterprise Singapore is the government agency championing enterprise development. They work with committed companies to build capabilities, innovate and internationalise.

They also support the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups. As the national standards and accreditation body, we continue to build trust in Singapore’s products and services through quality and standards.


About HR Technology Grant

For more information about the HR Technology grant, please visit Enterprise Singapore’s website here.