Companies who go out of their way to offer their employees unique perks tend to be more successful than those who don’t make any effort. In fact, “Nearly four in five (79 percent) employees would prefer new or additional benefits or perks over a pay increase,” according to a 2015 Glassdoor report.

The employee experience is a significant business trend in 2018 because companies know if their employees are happy, they’ll be more motivated to do a better job, and that will, in turn, improve the overall customer experience.

Large companies are offering great perks too.

For example, Salesforce offers its employees paid time-off for volunteering. This is huge because it encourages employees to get out and help the community without having to worry about it interfering with their work.

Salesforce understands that their employees have lives outside of the office, and that the more satisfied its employees are outside the office, the more likely that energy will be brought back into the office.

So if you’re interested in looking for work where the company offers great employee perks, or you’re already working and you’re wondering whether or not your company is doing enough to satisfy your specific needs, GetVoIP highlights the following seventeen incredible employee perks of successful companies that should give you the right idea on what exactly you’re looking for.