Today it is modern to have an unconventional office which is filled with things not so related to the workplace. I am sure you have all seen the Google office.

It is one big open space, filled with chairs and tables for working hours, but also game tables and other fun things for breaks.

That office design is getting more and more popular but the main question is, is it good for your work atmosphere? Do you really need a foosball table to have a decent employee engagement?

If you want to put a foosball table in your office, you can do that, but only if you think of it as a perk. Having a foosball table in the office should be a reward for your employees, not the reason to come to work for you.

If you want to engage your employees you have to have a different approach. You have to give them purpose and be completely honest with them.

Show them that they are important to you and the company. Be precise in what you are expecting from them and what they can expect from the job.

Talk about working hours, salary, bonuses and problems they have. If you show them that they are a part of the company, they will feel like they belong and they will work hard.

You have to be the leader, not just some boss who is never around. Share your vision and goals with your team so they can feel the same way you feel about your company.

Once they understand the goal you want to achieve, they will easily fight for it because they know it is their goal as well.

Remember, everybody has good and bad days. If an employee is not doing their best, don’t punish him because he made a mistake. Try to find the solution to the problem with him and offer him support.

He probably feels bad enough as it is, you don’t have to make it worse.

When the working atmosphere is good and people are enjoying spending their work hours there, their engagement will be perfect. When you achieve that level of commitment, you can install foosball tables, slides and other fun things in your office.

That way, you and your team can make the best office together and it will mean much more because they will know they made it happen.

When you engage your team completely, you will wake up the feeling of proud and community in the company which is much more than just business. It is a big family.


Mark is a foosball player who loves foosball so much, he made a blog about it. The blog is a Foosball Zone and on that blog, he wants to introduce people to foosball. He writes honest reviews about all kinds of foosball tables, from the tournament foosball tables to the foosball coffee table models