When was the last time you received an awesome job applications?

The one that blow you away and makes you wonder what took this candidate so long,

And how many of such did you receive in the course of work?

You probably can count on one hand.

Chances are you are more experienced in receiving and reviewing bland and poor job applications.

When I was still actively recruiting for other employers, I was deleting about 50 job applications per day.

That’s about 1,000 of them over a month.

If each of them took me 20 seconds, I wasted 5 hours per month wearing down my delete button with nothing in return.

Before we start pointing fingers, we have to remember we are merely attracting what we put out.

To break out of this situation, we need to a redo and a rethink on how we write our job description.

And you would be amazed at what those lousy job applications could teach you on that:


1. Stop with the buzz words

Do you bother reading the generic cover letter?

Or are you the kind that are impressed when you come across such buzzwords in a resume?

  • Outstanding
  • Effective
  • Strong
  • Exceptional
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Driven
  • Motivated
  • Seasoned
  • Energetic

I guess not.

Similarly you cannot expect job candidates to ooze enthusiasm they come across the same overused buzz words in your job postings.

Here are some of the jargon you like to completely removed and replaced if they can be found in your job postings:

  • Hit the ground running
  • Visionary
  • Think outside the box
  • Innovate
  • Influencers
  • Pivot
  • Paradigm shift
  • Engagement
  • Value add
  • Game changer

More buzzwords to avoid:


2. Be different

For the longest time resume always look the same.

You could randomly select 10 and placed them beside each other.

Chances are you will have a hard time telling them apart.

Is your job postings looking like every other competing postings?

Even if there are restrictions placed upon by the job portals, you can try to use different font sizes and/or font colors to make it a bit more appealing and differently so you can capture the attention of the job seekers.


3. Read out loud your job posting

Most unappealing resumes tend to be written in a very neutral, third person perspective.

e.g. Peter has more than 12 years of working experience in Accounting.

Can you imagine Peter talking to you like that?

With the advent of personal branding, everyone of us is our brand ambassador and the key to that is to inject personality.

Similarly organizations who are looking to hire, and potentially making the first impression to job seekers, have to do better in their elevator pitch.

Here is a nice and nifty one that injected personality into the role and the company:

You may only have mere seconds to make this great first impression.

Candidates skim dozens, if not hundreds, of job ads per day.

Stop sounding like a robot and start humanizing your tone and words instead.

Helpful tools


4. Be realistic

Remember the candidate that wanted 30% pay increment without any justification?

Are you having the same unrealistic expectations on who you want to hire?

It is really easy to get carried away when you are trying your best to find the perfect fit for your client.

While it make sense that you want to hire someone who ticks all the boxes, writing down the impossible laundry list of requirements is only going to turn your good job candidates away.

And these job candidates might actually be the superman you are looking for.

But they might see themselves more of a Clark Kent.

You need to get them to connect before you can become their Professor X and discover what their super powers are.


5. Social Media Presence

It’s pretty normal for recruiters to run through social media to find out more about the job applicant we are interested in.

And we usually go meh if they don’t have an online presence to read up on.

Likewise candidates will want to know more about the hiring company or agency to learn more about what they do and how they do.

Make sure your website and social media content are consistent and has a common message you are trying to bring across to your audience, which are your job seekers.

More tips



You reap what you sow and if you continue to put out lousy job postings, you are just going to continue receive poor candidates.

Like what Einstein said, you can’t do the same thing over and over again but expect different results.

So try something new in your job posting today.