One surefire way of being able to boost your company’s retention levels is to make better use of surveys on a regular basis. When you run regular surveys, you give employees the chance to express their thoughts and concerns.

You give them the opportunity to highlight the things they love about working in your company and the areas in which they would like to see improvements.

Surveys also give employers and management the structure they need to give feedback and explain to staff why certain company rules or methods exist.

A positive atmosphere is easier to construct with the regular implementation of surveys. The question, however, is how to create an effective survey?

For an employee survey to be really useful, it should aim to cover the following areas:

  1. Employee Happiness – Companies should find out how happy their employees are.
  2. Career Goals – Companies should find out if the roles that employees occupy are actually related to their long-term career goals.
  3. Employee Appreciation – Companies should find a way of using surveys to make their employees feel valued.
  4. Employee Plans – Companies should use surveys to gauge what employees are hoping for in the future. Effective questions might include “Do you plan on being here in the company a year from now?”

Follow this link for more detailed information on how to construct an effective employee survey from scratch.